Say coffee and think Blue Tokai.

Synonymous with great roasts, Indian coffee chain Blue Tokai has upped shutters to their 28th nationwide outlet and has arrived at the City of Joy!


With coffee sourced from award winning farms across India, Calcutta erstwhile drank Blue Tokai on order from their website or from cafes storing their coffee.

Now, at their exclusive Janak Road cafe, one can get a first hand experience of their roasts, brewed hot or chilled to perfection.


A day post opening, Kunal and I head over for a cuppa. Admittedly, the only Blue Tokai cafe I’ve been to is their Saidulajab Roastery in Delhi. Marking a difference in their decor- the one is Delhi is minimalist with its white-and-beige walls- the vibe here is comparatively flamboyant, seeming straight out of a magazine of interior design.


Off the menu, I asked for an Americano for myself and Kunz called for a Regular Mocha. Served in their signature blue ceramic cups, that the first sip bowled us over was a given. We also ordered Coffee Kombucha for ourselves. While I heart myself a good ‘booch, this was the first time Kunal actually liked one.


If you’re lactose intolerant or prefer alternative dairy, there’s an option of cashew oat or lactose free milk to choose from. I can’t wait to have more of their coffee- especially their tasting menu with three different brews served on a platter, educating one on the variety of coffee served.

The selection of food is both vegetarian and non-vegetarian, prepared by city-based Paprika. One can also purchase coffee at the cafe and there’s freshly baked bread- including sourdough- and dips on offer.

A shout out to the price point, with coffee starting at Rs 110. A classic Americano is for Rs 130 and an Iced Mocha for Rs 220. Their Iced Pour Over is priced Rs 170 #HereComesTheSun.

There outdoor section features windows re-purposed to make an interesting ceiling. 

So if the week ending calls for a cafe trip, head to 35A Janak Road (open 11am-9pm all days), easily reachable via GPS. The cafe is housed behind a boutique, so don’t get confused upon reaching there. Parking is payed and aplenty.

Happy coffee-ing!
xoxo, Ridzeepop