Aankhon sey phir yeh pyaar ki barsaat ho na ho

Shayad phir iss janam mey… Mulaqat ho na ho.

Ah! A song that marks an emotional parting of love.

Today as I sat nursing my cup of Davidoff coffee (#Fancy), staring at rains-that-are-romantic-no-more, I thought of things I’d not shopped on sale. Shayad… phir iss janam mey mulqaat ho na ho…

An ode to the dress I never bought.

Wait. WHAT?! Why?

For sales, my darling, they’re everywhere! They’ve replaced political propaganda in the heart of Bengal. Stuck in traffic looking at billboards or on the ‘Gram, have you noticed how everything is always on sale?

I mean think of it. We went from annual sales with fashion years old, to bi-annual End-Of-Season sales.

Then came the mid-season sales, which helped transform my daily exercise routine- vigorous rounds of the air conditioned mall- into a fruitful activity.

And now, lo and behold! A fortnight back during my mall-workout, a ‘Season’ Sale beckoned. A sale at the beginning of the season. Glee.

As a generation so obsessed with personal space we’ve taken incessant nudging by fashion and lifestyle brands very kindly. The kapra and bag wallahs are literally in my bedroom now, with curated Instagram feeds showing of their wares on stick thin models airbrushed to perfection.

Things which I feel will look good on me too.

Sometimes they do. Often they don’t.

Especially when it arrives in all polyester glory. Shudder.

The necessity here, dear reader, is for the husband to understand and stop asking whether we “actually need” those snake print stilettos we’ve bagged at a Flat50 off. Note here, men, that sale shopping is actually saving money.

Don’t be aghast and follow this simple math. I am not buying it because it’s half-off darling! I’m just being the kind wife and spending half the money. I was going to buy it anyway.

It’s not rocket science really.