Been in situations where you’ve had to get dressed in the office loo? Or hurriedly attempted at changing your look from ‘suitable’ for a family get together to party ready?

Check out there #LifeHacks that take you from drab to glam.


Too much makeup does not glam make. A good kohl pencil (smudger attached for extra brownie points!) and a voluminizing mascara can be your BFFs.

Apply the kohl on your upper and lower lids, and smudge it for a lived-in blended look. Then caress your eyelashes with the mascara, remembering to pick one that is voluminizing. This also negates using those tricky false lashes.


Get the L’Oreal Paris False Lash Superstar Mascara if you’re on a budget or the M.A.C Upward Lash – Upward Black if you’re on to indulge. I’ve tried both and they totes do what they promise. ❤


Don’t ‘WHY?’ that bindi… Shrug your shoulders, go ‘WHY NOT?!”

Us desi girls are blessed with emotive eyes so having worked with that, place a bindi, or two, between your brows and…ooh la la! From simple round ones to crystal dots in a line, or some art with your liquid liner, a bindi is one desi accessory that is often overlooked. While black and red are GORG, try colourful ones too.

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For growing up, we all saw our moms rocking it with all that glam. Take a page out of their book and #WerkItGirl.


Dig in to that jewellery box and pull out that pair of maximal earrings- everything from exaggerated beaded hoops to shoulder grazing silver jhumkas work. Or if you like bling, go for the blingiest.




Remember, however, to limit accessorising other areas if you’re earring it.


Whether you’ve managed nose piercing or not, giant leaps in fashion [:D] have today resulted in nose-rings for all. So whether it’s a poke-in or a slip-on number, a nath is another way to glam your look.


However, apply the maxim ‘the bigger the better’ here and reach for the hatke pieces. For darling, there’s no being the center of attention if you haven’t taken risks!


It’s Cinderella and Carrie Bradshaw approved, a good pair of heels can change your life. Level up by exchanging your all-day flats with your trusted heels.

Wearing heels makes your back straighter, and changes your stance, lending a certain poise to your aura. Remember to #Werk only your most comfortable pair.


Now sashay away…

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For when it comes to fashion SOS- Captain Ridzeepop will save the day 😀 😀

Off I go then, to research and record my next story.

Till then, #WerkItGirl
xoxo, Ridzeepop