From a clarion call of sustainability to prices that induce a mental whoop of joy upon hearing, fashion for the Calcutta girl is grounded. The brands might not have full page ads in leading fashion dailies but peruse the wise world of Instagram with a correct hashtag and you’ll see tiles of real-shopper posts, happy women flaunting their latest buys.

As Ridzeepop makes a comeback into blogging, here are 5 brands that I’ve seen-liked-wanted-and-bought in the last couple of months.
(I’ve not spoken to any of the designers, for this listicle is not an ad. The opinions here are entirely my own- a keen shopper)

  • Riddhi Pankaj– For me, correct accessorizing is a spoon full of sugar that helps a dull #OOTD go down. A simple choice, then, is a Riddhi Pankaj full moon leather sling with its strong boho vibe.
    They’re crafted with vegan leather, a side often featuring appliqued motifs with a strong millenial connect. Think pop icon Frida Kahlo and her unibrows. Ma Durga and her nath. Colourful silk flowers to usher in the summer, or wanderlust inducing vintage map prints. Peruse her Instagram account (@riddhipankaj) and you’ll be spoilt for choice, like I was, picking up a Durga and Frida for myself.
    Psst: The label also has uber cute bag charms and coin purses.


  • Viva La Vida– Featuring an overlying aesthetic borrowed from the sunny shores of Mexico, Viva La Vida by Mamta Sharma Das (@vivalavidabymsd) also draws inspiration from the simple joys afforded by childhood and nature. Think dresses and with prints titled ‘Sock Party’, ‘Animal Farm’ and ‘Hot Air Balloon’. But if there’s one thing I heart here is that the designs are all anti-fit easy silhouettes that embrace all body types. Equals fuss-free shopping and none of that ‘will-it-look-good-on-me?’ moments of self doubt. Power on, MSD!


  • Jini’s Jewellery– My go-to for affordable jewellery (prices start as low as Rs. 100) is Jini’s Jewellery (@jinisjewellery). Buy real silver jhumkas here, and also faux ones if your pocket demands. Beaded anklets, Afghani mirror work necklaces and colourful statement rings aside, Bhramori Roy (a dancer by passion) also regularly updates her shoppers with hand made one-off trinkets in hatke materials like ceramic and denim.


  • Needle– Produced in Shantiniketan, the fabric jewellery at Needle by Sompi (@sompeedle) has my heart. While fabric jewellery itself isn’t a new concept, Needle trinkets incorporate artforms like kantha stitch and crochet, thus driving home a certain emotion in its jewellery. And it’s pretty light weight, making for easy-wear day-time options. Wear it atop a white linen kurta, and let the pop colours do the talking.


  • Parama–  Parama (@parama_g) is a special brand. For when I peruse the archives of Instagram, I sigh upon chancing art pieces that flow out of designer Parama Ghosh’s mind. Her signature blouse pieces with applique on the back have taken the fashion world by storm, revolutionising the way women wore them. It may have influenced many designers to follow suit, but Parama remains numero uno in the game because of a  certain touch the brand Parama effortlessly emotes. That of translating the recesses of ones mindful nostalgia to physicality via the unpresuming coloured thread.
    It is a surprise, then, that I am yet to wear a Parama design. And that’s because I rarely wear a sari, if at all. It remains a fervent wish, as I keep telling Parama every time I meet her, that she must design a dress for us lesser mortals. She smiles. I quickly pat my forehead- *touch-wood she one day will*


These brands keep exhibiting in pop-ups around the city, so if Instagram shopping is not your thing, follow them for a regular event updates. For, trust me, your summer wardrobe is incomplete without these conversation starters. And a conversation that has others go WOW at you is always a good one! 😉

So, till I come up with another #RidzeepopRecommends listicle, do let me know if you’ve liked and shopped from these brands.

Until next time, #WerkItGirl
xoxo, Ridzeepop