Fashion is fast, and in a city that boasts the best karigars in the country, acing eight years in the business is laudable.

Happy Birthday Palki, you did it!

Dolled up, city models took to the makeshift ramp at regular intervals to showcase the upcoming Palki Autumn/Winter 2018 edit.

I feel Palki is niche in a city mood board dominated by mass designs and ‘first copies’. They’re best known for a commendable range of Indian formal and semi-formal wear for women, and I’ve been a Palki girl too. From writing of them for a leading Calcutta daily back in 2014, to including a royal blue number patiently designed by them in my wedding trousseau in 2017.

Planned this year, as they turned eight, was a two-day affair at the Ashutosh Mukherjee Road fashion house. The agenda? Giving back to their customers. Especially the brides-to-be and their own. Discounts, one-on-one sessions and models strutting the ramp, they had it all.



For the first session, Vidhi Beri acknowledged the balance of energy, focussing on mental wellness.

Sound is a dominating factor in our lives and Vidhi demonstrated how “Vibrations of musical beats reverberate at some part of our body.” Like the dhol beats at a wedding giving one an adrenaline rush, and resultant boisterous dancing. Fatigue  as a result of sound, then, is real.

Tackle it by taking time out and chanting the Bija Mantra, or seed sound. Typically, the chants of the puja or the reverberations produced by ‘Om’ are seed sounds and help bring the body back to its original design. A mental detox.

“Close your eyes and meditate with seed sound whenever you’re in a flurry,” advised Vidhi.

WEDDING TIME TIP-TO-TAKE: “Keep lemon and warm water handy, for weddings mean heavy eating and drinking. The more drinking lemon burns, the more kachra you have in your body. It’s anti-inflammatory,” advised Vidhi.



“The whole world looks at the Indian bride with awe. Celebrate being a traditional bride,” opined city-based stylist Neha Gandhi, for who “royal colours like blue and green” were hot shades for the winter bride.

But when deciding the outfit colour, an important tip to take was keeping the decor in mind. “Else you’ll end up blending with the background!” she warned.

When quizzed on favouring silhouettes for the middle-aged, Neha advised keeping the body type in mind instead of blindly following trends off the internet. “That being said, a sari is most elegant.”

WEDDING TIME TIP-TO-TAKE: Prevent your wedding outfits from languishing in a loft. Speaking to #RidzeepopExclusive, Neha deconstructed the wedding lehnga into three new looks:

  • Wear that heavily embroidered choli with a chiffon, lace or net sari.
  • Pair a stark blouse with the lehnga and slip on a lightly embroidered jacket over it.
  • Make the heavy dupatta meet a simple floor length anarkali. A friendship for life!



Makeup pro Abhijit Chanda shared nuggets on mastering makeup, a stressful art, in a session beneficial for both on and off the mandap.

  • Instead of drawing on it all, select one facial feature and practise accentuating it to learn self-makeup best.
  • When in a rush, a swipe of mascara and a pop lip colour are instant pick-me-ups!
  • Well groomed eyebrows are a must. Thread them and learn how to fill them in if you have thin ones.
  • Counter humidity and make makeup last longer with a primer. Stay away from glossy or cream based makeup like cream blushes and eyeshadows, oil based foundations and lip gloss.
  • Opt for an updo – be it on the streets or when at a wedding. Humidity induced frizziness will make open hair look unkempt.
  • Foundation is for evening out skin tone and not for making one look fairer. A wrong colour will make your face look grey and be caught by the camera flash too! #Horror.
  • Using makeup doesn’t harm your skin. Faulty skin care does. Always remove your makeup thoroughly.

#RidzeepopExclusive asked Abhijit for some advice for the wedding time makeup and skin care. Especially when there are more than a day of functions to attend. For him, balance was key. “Decide how much makeup you need to have on based on the number of guests. For a more relaxed day-time do, minimal makeup is good. Prevent using too much foundation then, if at all,” he counselled. “Also, heal dehydrated skin by indulging in quick hydrating skin care between two makeup routines.

Important gobbets from the sessions aside, I also took some time off to pick two hot looks from their new AW edit.

One, a steel grey lehnga with a tint of icy blue. The other a smartly designed Flamenco sari.
A lehnga which is uniform yet hatke in its colour. A draped sari which is so interesting, that shoppers waited patiently for me to take it off post shoot. They eyed the innovative take on the draped sari. They wanted it for themselves.





If you’ve loved everything about their new line, below is a checklist trends I noted on the ramp, and loved.

Keep these notes handy, and so will I, for the winter wedding season will see my sister-in-law getting married. An occasion that commands new outfits for me too! Yay! Will I wear Palki? You will, of course, get to know on Insta!

Till then,
xoxo, Ridzeepop

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