Us fashionistas are privy to the conviction that’s dressing up in summer. Ticking trend boxes when one is tempted to dunk a bucket of ice cold water over ones head.
What I suggest then, is working some simple math.

Simple. Just add your fave trends together into an equation on those days of glamazon extravanganza dotting the fashion bereft ones.

Like, I’m the trends I’m currently crazy-ing over:

  • Colour blocking shades of the same colour: Sticking to a shade family is the new mode of chic. Think pairing hot pink with a pale dusty rose. Or a navy blue with turqoise.
  • Yellow eyeshadow: My-oh-my gurllll! Those who follow me one Instagram know my obsession with the make-up trend of the season. Spells out S.U.M.M.E.R.!
  • Shoulder dusters: For when the default is a top knot, use the chance to accentuate the neckline. Longer the earrings the better!
  • Colourful footplay: Black-on-black or feeling a colour play, pair your clothes with colourful shoes- and kitschier the colour/design, the better.
  • Kurti-Dresses: Upcycle your old kurtis to a new #lewk by pairing them with long shrugs to mask deep slits. For sustainable fashion not only means buying sustainable, but also buying less.
  • Pop cheekbones: Fun/daring enough to try a new trend? How about a dose of blush play? Dare to day it, or take comfort in the cover of night.

Next, I’ve taken the trends here and divided it up in two looks. Ace make-up artist Sne Aribam came on board to help, and Mainak Bagchi, an up-and-coming photographer helped bringing the equation to the virtual world.
Have a look at the equations:

Equation no. 1: Kurti dresses + Shoulder dusters + Pop cheekbones. Easy-breezy!




Snapseed 2
Fear too much blush? First, shop the right shade for your face (ask a certified MUA for help) and then balance the blush by keeping your eyes and lips minimal. Helps accentuate the colour.)
Equation no. 2: (Shoes in a pop colour + yellow eyeshadow) + Colour blocking the same colour.



To pop that yellow eyeshadow, keep a primer handy. If the whole eyelid isn’t your thing, take baby steps with yellow eyeliner instead. 

Basically, when working a multiple trend equation, the trick is balancing it right. Instead of trying everything at once, stick to a route. Be it down #ColourFamily street or around #MotifLane. But TBH, it’s summer, which means a lot of COLOUR, so #WerkItGirl!!

Were my thought clear and my writing helpful? Would love to have you try it. Let me know in the comments. For all I wanna see is such a fashionable world. For that is what fashion blogging is about- reaching my readers with real time style 😉

Here’s till the next trend report, keep loving. Keep following.
And of course #WerkItGirl 
xoxo, Ridzeepop