“Nude lipsticks are oh-so-elusive to us brown skinned girls.”

I solemnly swear, this post rubbishes this oft-repeated vibe us brown girls feel! A long overdue offering to you, readers, who often DM on Instagram about nude lippies.

I present SIX nude lipsticks that #werk for us. *drumroll*

I’ve tried ensuring brands here are easily available in Calcutta. And, while most international makeup is colour toned to match the cool undertone typical to fair skin, I’ve included two videsi names that’ve worked for me. All the better to shop when you’re prancing the globe, or know someone who is!

Before reading, know your skin undertone. For that will determine if this post is for you. But, for comparison, if most nudies make you look ghastly and washed out, it means you have a warm undertone. Then this post is tailor made for you.

So… here goes! (Note: These are six I use most/ aren’t limited edition. And great for starters!)

  • Taupe by M.A.C: Ah, M.A.C! A mecca of colours to choose from. Walk in and the happy-to-help MUAs in black will guide you nude shades, but Taupe is a personal fave #BrownGirl. With a soft matte finish, this warm brown nude is perfect when out and about during the day. I’d recommend a quick retouch if you’ve done any eating or drinking.
  • Matte Spice by Avon: I personally have a liking for Avon, because the price points of their lipsticks vary across price points. And when they first launched their Ultra Color Matte lipsticks, I picked up a few of the black-and-grey packaged beauts. Matte Spice, the nude in the lot, was B-E-A-yooootiful! Intense colour payoff, this colour leans towards the brownish end of the spectrum. However, the formula tends to melt during these hot months so don’t expect any matte effect here, irrespective of what the name hints at!
  • Bare Dare Pink by Colorbar: If you’re a fan of intense moisturisation, reach for lip colours from the Take Me As I Am line off Colorbar. Also, this jumbo lip pencil in Dare Bare Pink has a slight pink tint to it (why it’s called dare bare though, I wouldn’t know!). When wearing it, I often top it up with a pat of gloss to add dimension.
  • Lolita II by Kat Von D: This peachy nude intense matte is your BFF for a night out, when paired with a statement smokey eye and some serious shimma play. Sky high heels optional! Plus, while it doesn’t warrant bonus points, the packaging is bae and totes Insta-worthy!
  • Ginger by Kylie Cosmetics: Fellow Kylie’s Kings, you’ll know her make-up line is so lust worthy. However, while I haven’t shopped off the line recently, her nudes are rarely for brown skins. But if you must, pick Ginger, a terracotta brown. What I heart about the vanilla scented formula is that Ginger produces hardly any lip lines, a crinkly liquid matte lipstick feature that puts me off. I often apply it minus the lip pencil, and its looks A-OK!
  • MIX-N-MATCH IT!: If you have bought a matte lipstick in the past that doesn’t work for you, quit regretting and get down to some ol’ school colouring. What I usually do is wear the faulty nude and gently tap on a darker shade over it. (Note that I say TAP, and not smear. Smack your lips together to even it out).
    One of my favourite combinations is Nyx Abu Dhabi under Lakme 9to5 Cocoa Soft. It’s a resultant dreamy matte nude.

If you’ve noticed here, while my pictures are obv edited to make me look drop dead gorgeous 😉 and less acne-prone than I am IRL, I’ve left the swatches un-edited.

I hope this post was informative, for I’ve done my best. Do share and spread this highly important information!
Also, do you know of any other nudies that work for brown skin tones? Leave it in the comments below.

Till the next post then, #WerkItGirl
xoxo, Ridzeepop
(Psst: The pictures are all shot on my phone- by me- so please excuse the unpro shots teehee!)