People who know me will know that conceptual jewellery draws my eye for they’re not mere baubles but a narrative. Like Awake, the new edit from Calcutta based conceptual jewellery designer Eina Ahluwalia


Each piece in Awake is a totem that Eina hopes a holder attaches meaning and emotion to. Her work, after all, always has a voice, a treasury with collection names like Wedding Vows and Battlecry preceding this.

Seeing Awake, and upon reflection, I thought of time travel. I reminisced being a wee little girl in white summery frocks, colourful beaded bangles and candy rings adorning me. I noted, wistfully, my empowering sense of ‘me’ then. A little gypsy sauntering around, wind in my hair, skinned knees highlighting hairy legs, my unibrow never a cause of worry. Dance moves? I’d ape Govinda as skilfully as Madhuri Dixit.

How freeing. How unlike me now, oft nodding agreement to the system. 

And it’s not just simplistic yearning. Awake is dotted with healing crystals full of compressed power, each promising magic. Take labradorite that awakens the frozen fire within one, or moonstone which vibrates with feminine wisdom. Apatite manifests personal growth while citrine, personal will. Would it not be, then, that each piece of jewellery would give us women the power to truly awaken?


The Aspire Chandelier earrings with apatite drops draw inspiration from tall church steeples in its design. Beckoning one to rise high. Touch the sky!

There are more influential crystals Eina has worked with in Awake, all catalogued on the website. But if you get a chance, chilling over chai with Eina and understanding her inspiration before you make one your own. Book an appointment.

The Soar ring is striking with its unfurled silver wings on either side. ‘Rise!’ says apatite.  
The I Rose necklace (also with Apatite drops) beckons me to twirl around to beats of the tambourine in a flowy dress. Wear it solo, or layer.
The Aspire bangles, here with citrine and amethyst crystals, are a personal favourite. There are reminders of the very essence highlighted by the Aspire Chandelier earrings with its steeple-like design.  
The Aspire Citrine ring (top) is statement in its maximal glory. There are six variations of the tourmaline Charm Rings, I have on three (scroll up to the top for a clear picture)

At the end of it all, wearing jewellery is a personal choice. I feel clothes describe a mood while jewellery highlights the vibe, the person. Precious, semi-precious or even ‘junk’ from the streets, jewellery adorns to narrate stories. So go ahead, take a look.All you see above is just a glimpse. If you’re familiar with Eina’s work, you know what to expect. If not, prepare to fall in love.

Oh, and special shout out to homeboy Kaustav (@untappedsoul on Instagram) for capturing me exactly like I’d wanted!

Till the next post then,
xoxo, Ridzeepop