Summertime, and the livin’ is easy…‘ crooned Ella Fitzgerald. If only a true-blue Calcutta-wasi could echo it, for summer here is the next best thing to tea with Dolores Jane Umbridge.
So, find comfort in little things, #PopPeeps, and sit a faithful bottle of facial mist snug in that tote. A quick spritz and you have yourself much needed hydration minus the make-up nudging or post-use greasiness of wet wipes.

Don’t know which facial mist to reach for or just looking to try a new one? Aree, Ridzeepop is here!
Here’s a checklist of a couple I’ve used (and recommend):

  • Forest Essentials Facial Tonic Mist Bela: This babe is a fave! Of all the products under the brands umbrella, one of the two I keep returning to is this particular mist. Doing it best for me, it’s instant refreshment coupled with the floral scent of the bela phool. (Proof lies in my own bottle bearing a battered visage as a co-resident with all the junk in my bag!)
    IMG_2377.JPGBuy it here or at their Forum mall store.
  • Kama Ayurveda Pure Vetiver Water: If it’s a slight earthy scent I am in the mood of, this one is a go-to. Vetiver Grass is best known for its antiseptic properties to treat acne and sores. Also, I’d recommend this mist for people who don’t much care for fragrance in their products.
    IMG_2379.JPGBuy it here or at their Quest Mall store.
  • Good Earth Amritam Rose Facial Mist: Admittedly a recent addition to my collection, this rose facial mist feels luxurious. Of course, belonging to the humble house of Good Earth could be health accountable but mefeels it’s more because of the exhilarating fragrance of damask rose which greets you with every spritz. Royalty, and how!
    IMG_2378.JPGBuy it here.
  • MAC Prep + Prime Fix+: Makeup junkies across the city swear by this product and you must too, if you’re initiating yourself into this artistic cult! Facial make-up melting or becoming too dry is a basic woe, negated by a quick spritz of this product. Acting as a setting agent, the Fix+ holds your makeup in place, helping your skin look hydrated (different from oily). Suggestion: Use it after tapping your face with setting powder.
    IMG_2382.JPGBuy it here or at MAC stores across the city.
  • The Body Shop Vitamin E Hydrating Face Mist: A skincare fave, this sister is suitable for all skin types. Should you not know what VitE does to your skin, let me just say it slowwwwwwws down the dreaded ageing process (plus protects against cigarette smoke <3).
    IMG_2380.JPGBuy it here or at The Body Shop stores across the city.

So, yessir, these are five I swear by. Tried, tested and conveyed.

Of course, there may be others I haven’t used yet or heard of, so do a sister a favour and let me know.

Hoped you liked the first of what is the start of my seasonal recommendations.

Till then, #WerkItGirl
xoxo, Ridzeepop

Pictures: Respective brand websites.