Trends maketh the world of fashion, and nothing dictates trends like the Pantone Color of the Year.

Which, after Greenery last year and the twins Rose Quartz and Serenity the year before, is ULTRA VIOLET in 2018.

American body Pantone, best known for its Pantone Matching System, chooses a new colour every year to narrate fashion strategy and consequently lifestyle choices. Which basically makes the colour in vogue, making inroads into your wardrobe… your home… your mood in general.

While working the colour into anĀ #OOTD is no big deal- what with many easy search options online- better still would be working it via makeup. Think bold purple lips or nails manicured to perfection painted a stunning shade of UV.

Or perhaps a statement eye!

Calcutta bred make-up artist Saikat Chakraborty and I collaborated for an easy-to-do look that’s just five steps and good to go. Read on…


Step 1: Prime your eyes, which gives you a smooth palette to work on and also achieve the correct colour effect.

Step 2: Start with a dash of plum on the lids, building up the colour in multiple layers. Blend well between applications. (Why plum? Read on to know more!)


Step 3: Move on to layering the plum with a frosty lavender. On spot, Saikat mixed the two colours to get Ultra Violet, a colour best described as purple with bluish undertones. TIP: Always remember, when you don’t have a shade don’t immediately rush to buy it. See if you can mix-n-match colours you already have. Experimentation is such fun!


Step 4: Bring out the purple shimmer kohl liner next, a colour easily available with every good makeup brand there is. Smudge it over the eyes with a tapered shadow blending brush. Remember to be swift in your strokes lest the colour settle. Smudge some colour on the lower lash line too and blend.


Step 5: A flick of volumnising mascara and you’re good to go. For the lips, I’d suggest bold red puckers, a darling for Indian skin tones. Not only does it look oh-so-glam it also colour blocks to chic perfection.


Ta-da!! And you’re good to go!!
It’s really as simple as it looks here. However, for that extra boost of confidence how about trying it once sat chilling at home? You’ll know your problem areas, and can always DM me on Instagram for help and I’ll get Saikat to answer queries like only a PRO can!


So that’s it for the first easy-peasy makeup tutorial. I intend doing a lot more, seeing how many Instagram DMs I receive on a daily basis. Would you want to learn more? Send me ideas and I’ll try #Werk it for you. Via words and pictures of course for I find it easier!
Shout out to Saikat Chakraborty for painting it exactly like I’d imagined it and my home body The Fotogent (Suvradeep Roy) for some bomb ass pictures!

Till the next post then…
xoxo, Ridzeepop

Products used for the makeup:
MAC Prep + Prime 24-Hour Extend Eye Base
Eyeshadows: Sketch Velvet (Plum) & Creme De Violet (Frost Lavender)
Pearl Glide Intense Eyeliner in ‘Designer Purple’
Lips: Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolour in ‘Feels So Grand’ with ‘Ruby Woo’ lip pencil
Brushes: 217 Blending Brush & 239 Shading Brush