Winter is coming, bringing in a shift in sartorial moods. For me, I follow a tried and tested equation- dressing a dark monotone (nudge, slim fx!) and slipping my trotters into colours that go POP! 

The weather gods aren’t as benevolent to our pretty river side town, our share of winter chills remain limited. So, when the wardrobe- from the sleek cardigan to the leather jacket, the chunky corded knit to the studded bolero- shows fifty shades ranging from black to an overcast sky, I simply… WERK THEM SHOES!

Dressed thus, and living on a fair dose of hot drinks, out come my carefully/impulsively, bought shoes. For never do they shine brighter than on a pale winter morning.

#Lewk 1: All black with pop pink ballerinas.
My mood for this #lewk is that of a ballerina. And I rarely do white, so black swan it is. Note: A ballerina clad in black ain’t bad. She just illusionary slim 😀 
Winter brings along moments many to layer all you please! My tulle skirt over leggings, a full sleeved crop top- a #lewk that wouldn’t see the light of the summer sun!  

A literary mind knows a great pair of shoes possess super powers. How else would Cinderella have a fairy tale endin’ if not for her glass slippers. If the devil be credited with wearing Prada, we’d willingly go to hell sooner. Dorothy’s travel dreams were realised in red shiny shoes, and Carrie Bradshaw knew how to take life with a pinch of salt (tequila on the side), wisely advising “When one door closes, a shoebox opens.”

Subtle joy lies in the knowledge that one can’t grow out a pair of shoes. Faithful to the end, they only wear out, serving soldiers signing out gallantly in fashion warfare. Splurge on one or impulsively cart half a dozen on-sale beauts, shoe therapy is cheaper than the shrink! 😉

#Lewk 2: Classic winter dressing that goes from day to night. Courtesy hot red booties.
A special shout out to these red hot booties. Saw ’em, pined for ’em, got ’em hahah. On to forever!!
Long sleeved tops + Leggings make for fail proof winter day dressing.

Which brings me back to the point. With shorter winters and less times to wear woolies, the Calcutta stylista’s wardrobe rarely boasts a lot of chill season style.
So re-werk your winter wardrobe with accompaniments- walk the talk with your shoes.

Like when you know you’ll be clad in monotone, bring out those red booties and the pop pink ballerinas. Have golden brogues? Wear ’em. If it’s strappy heals you’re more comfy in, how about a hatke green or orange? Plus points if you team them with socks- pick shiny lurex this season!

Pop colours don’t always have to be a shocker. Muted tones like cherry work too. 
Never ever everrrr underestimate the power of a pashmina. Slip one into your tote, and over yourself should the chill get over whelming!

About styling oneself, think uncommon pairings. A straight-lined fashion mind would pair a dress with strappy sandals or a hoodie with trainers. Ditch the done, and pair brogues with the dress and some high high heels a la Rihanna with the hoodie. Make do with what you have. Remember… re werk!

As the days get shorter, I intend doing more fashion posts for what is (growing to be) my favourite season in a year. It will be a fashion filled winter! Fingers crossed.

Do shoot me queries on my Instagram or in the comments if any.
Till then, #WerkItGirl
xoxo, Ridzeepop


Pictures: The Fotogent (Suvradeep Roy)