Let’s cut to the point. What’s your Taash party mood board predicting? For, a taash night is almost a ritualistic route to Diwali itself, making dressing up to slay an important prerogative.

Helping make #werk the right #OOTNV-Cut The Blouse Experts have drawn up an interesting vertical to their regular line of not-so-regular blouses. The resultant quirky edit is inspired by them very black-and-red motifs that make them taash party nights. 

Spades, Diamonds, Hearts and Clubs, the King, the Queen and the Joker himself find place in designer Lipika Dudhoria‘s drawing board. Something she kept in mind? Multi tasking blouses, that work equally well as crop tops, never looking out of place.

A smart addition, methinks, for us girlies often fret at the trials and tribulations accompanying wearing a sari :O


For myself, I picked a blouse from the V-Cut Taash Party collection as a crop top with leggings and high heels. It went as well as it would’ve with a sari or dhoti pants. A smart investment!


A close up of the blouse. Notice the cards peeking out. Subtle.

Lipika, however, understands the sheer inability of wearing something thematic at other times and has thus designed the blouses to morph. Like in what I’ve worn, the zip can be pulled up, to a grungy neckline. In others, one can remove the appliquéd motifs.


In another (picture above) the taash printed sheer cape layered over a bustier can be removed later. Wear the bustier as is, or slip on another cape. Win!

The flip side to dressing quirky is an insistence on dressing traditional for festivals. If you feel an ethnic vibe for Diwali itself, browse the rest of the collection that hang the racks.

At V-Cut, there was this particular old school blouse that my eyes fell on…

IMG_1635 copy.JPG

Oh! Love at first sight! Old Calcutta has always held my fascination, and its fashion a certain allure. Especially frill sleeved blouses. V-Cut offers this dream, stitched in raw silk with frilly Benarasi Khimkhab sleeve ends, and embroidered sequins dotting only the neckline. Options aplenty chosen earlier lay forgotten and I squealed in glee, announcing my intent on wearing it, and only it!

My personal style every Diwali is minimalist festive- meant for the occasion but minus overt show-sha. Yes there’s bling, but subtle. No, I’m not sweating copious when wearing it. 😀

The store offers pairing choices, saris hung on the racks, and as my fingers slipped over the heavier ones I settled upon a simple yet sensual red chiffon sari. Minimalist festive. I’d found my pairing.


Excuse me, but seeing this picture, I’ll deviate from the topic a little here. The V-Cut store not only holds good fashion, but great historical nuggets. Centuries old mirrors line the walls and 250-year-old crystal chandeliers light up the rooms. This 300-year-old organ I so nonchalantly pose before is another relic that’s stayed in the family for centuries. Ask Lipika, and she’ll narrate a royal story. A treat for history buffs, do drop in for a dose!

Wrapping up this post, I’ll do the first of something I intend doing for posts henceforth. A #RidzeepopVerdict. Go to V-Cut for their expert tailoring which gives a superb fit. And should one need any alterations, they don’t take more than 15 minutes. After all, the brand describes delivery in 72 hours as their USP.

So if drop in to the V-Cut store in P360 Keyatala Road. It’s easily accessible on GPS. Ask the in-house design team for help or see the designs in your mind come to fruition. Diwali, the upcoming wedding season or JLT.

Fashion it. Flaunt it.

And… #WerkItGirl!

xoxo, Ridzeepop

IMG_1635 copy