It’s that time of the year in Calcutta. Durga Puja. Which basically means one is burdened with style ideas- off fashion editorials to and the world-wide-web.
Oh lookie! This is trending. Oh no! That is so 2000-and-LATE!

This post might seem like one of those. Hmm… yeah it pro’ly is. ‘Coz this is a fashion blog. But this time around, this post not about how to dress up, dear readers.
It’s about why dress up.

This festive season, feel the vibes. 

That’s my dress-up mantra. My frame of mind decides my lewk-book baby! Like one day I’m outright glam. Others, a tramp. And then there are all those many #StyleVibe in-betweeners I jam with.

So, I’m not gonna tell you what to wear this pujos. Instead, I am gonna ask you to be inspired. By yourself. Zone in on your vibes.

To help me elaborate, I collaborated with Calcutta label Levell 5, which prides itself on ‘affordable couture’. Think designer outfits priced as low as Rs 1,200, and rarely crossing the Rs 20,000 mark. Run by four fab women, Levell 5 is oh-so-stylish. And because it’s run by four women, there are four different sartorial mood boards the label draws inspiration from.

But what especially drew me to the label were the price points. Lord knows, and any fashionista will justify, we need a new outfit all the damn time! So, with Levell 5, backing their ever-expanding retail facet with an almost two decade old manufacturing body, one can shop on a budget. For when the costs comes down for this brand, they extend the joy to the buyer too!


Coming back to the vibes I was talking of, keep in mind that it isDurga Puja. So for me, I’d be inspired by the visiting Goddess triumvirate. Durga, Lakshmi and Saraswati. Not, however, by aping their styles but drawing from the aura around it. Read on, to get the drift…


Durga commands attention. She’s the centre of attraction with her imposing form. Were she to describe her style, ‘statement’ would be the word. Traditional or contemporary, Durga’s #OOTN commands all eyes to her.
I feel, then, her colour palette would be a dash of colour blocking with a play of prints. There’s no minimalism here. Not in the clothes, neither the jewellery, nor the hair.

Levell 5 laid out options aplenty, and I picked this dhoti-crop top number for it has sheer femininity in its androgyny. Paired with an ankle-grazing sheer jacket embroidered with roses, the colour play is marvellous- good ol’ red-and-black balanced out with grey. Remember, then, to let only one aspect of your look to stand out. It’ll arrest attention. Lest the effect be overcrowded.
Wear this look: To that Durga Puja night out partying- at the club or that get together at friends. 





Lakshmi, for me, gets the job done. An important earning member of the family, Lakshmi’s responsibilities abound at home and at work. Which makes her wanna dress up minus the fuss. But Lakshmi hearts dressing up too with that money to spend. Her only condition: she doesn’t like it coming in her way.
Levell 5 had this wonderful sari on their racks, a god sent for us millennials! The pallu is pre-draped [best.word.ever!] and attached to the crop blouse, with a high-waist skirt worn below that. There’s none of those hundred pins to be used when wearing this. Run around, twirl around, sit, stand, flee- the ‘sari’ wont unravel. EVER! 😀
Wear this look: While offering the Goddess the ashtami anjali. 




I do not see Saraswati in white. I see her, with her penchant for music, as someone who wears a lot of black. And along with her music, mom Durga inspires her style too. This rocker chick is DRAMATIC!
Bringing out quirky glares and gladiator heels, I slipped on a knee-grazing cotton body con dress, layering it with a sheer stripped trench coats for my dose of drama. I liked that Levell 5 had options aplenty to satiate the necessity of western silhouettes in my wardrobe. There’s no leaving the Park Street store with an incomplete shopping list. 😉
Wear this look: For pandal hopping. The LBD spells comfort with style, the sheer trench introducing much needed ‘modesty’ for the streets of Calcutta!

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

So did you get the drift of what I meant when I said feel the vibes? Heck, you might think Durga, Saraswati and Lakshmi are nothing like what I have spoke above. However, that is the whole point. These are the vibes I feel. You go out there gurllll and wear yours! I reiterate: Never Ape. Always be inspired and #WerkItGirl!

And go check out Levell 5 soon! They have a store in Park Street and one in C.R.Avenue. Inbox me on Instagram [@ridzeepop] for deets.
And peeps outside Calcutta reading this post… fret not. Levell 5 is in the process of expanding their stores so they’ll be where you are soon! (Psst: You can ping them if you’re interested to associate with them for a franchise!)

Also, on that note I can’t wait to see your puja looks. DO tag me on Instagram and I will shout out your pictures if I like them!

Hope you have a happy and a very stylish Durga Puja!

xoxo, Ridzeepop