In a lifestyle dominated by Pinterest boards and in-store curated edits, the Calcutta hostess indulges in an endless quest of standing out -be it gifting or decorating . And what better way to unlock the hostess-with-the-mostest achievement than by picking off luxury.
Let me then introduce you to A Silver Lining by Rezon, a silversmith experience being brought to the city by 85 Lansdowne– the curators of all things chic.

First things first, Rezon mothership Kalyani Chawla, (former vice president, marketing and communications, for Christian Dior India) talks about her brand…

Kalyani Chawla 1.jpg

Why Rezon?
There are big players in the market, decades old and well established. I know the market well, I understand quality and the consumer and what people want having been in the luxury retail market, and understand the nuances of what is required. Even though this is an alien territory, in terms of a product line, I being a consumer and having a manufacturing background gives me the edge and understanding which comes from past experience.

What’s the brand vision for Rezon?
Pricing is very important in the present scenario and that’s the sweet spot. Silver smithing is an age old tradition mixed with contemporary sensibility, craftsmanship design and quality above all.

What do you think is a popular public misconception about buying silver? How does Rezon undo it?
That silver is prohibitively priced and inaccessible. My silver plated prices for the same item starts at Rs 2,000 making it viable for almost everyone wanting to indulge themselves with a shot of silver lining!

Silver has moved on to lifestyle from simple good ol’ gifting… 
It’s trendy and contemporary yet made with traditional craftsmanship. That is a unique combination which culminates into something so beautiful, something so coveted to possess.

• How hands on are you at Rezon?
The factory environment is completely compliance oriented and I am stringent about the healthy environment for the workers as I am part of it daily, and on the floor! I’m not sitting in my office behind a chair.

A shining 5Five with Kalyani…
My earliest memory of silver- My brothers silver rattle!
A silver product I use at home – Pooja thali.
My first silver buy- Was a beautiful Thai silver necklace from a thrift store in Delhi, back in school.
Rezon product I am partial towards – The Lotus Collection for its drama, which evolves everyday for me.
Three words that reason Rezon – Design, quality and (fab) pricing.

The talking done, here’s what Kalyani is bringing to 85 Lansdowne on September 5, 11am-7pm. A pop-up of four thematic edits…

Lotus Collection 2.jpg
Lotus Collection: Inspired by an antique 19th century diya, expect dramatic centre pieces, vertical floor
decorative pieces, table lamps and candle stands.

Tri-colour Collection 2.jpg
Tri-Colour Collection: Striking in its neutral colours of gold, rose gold and silver, the candle stands, platters and serving trays are a statement in their minimalism.

Retro Collection 3
Retro Collection: Enamelled pop colours in shades of turquoise and rose gold make for a bright conversation starters.

Secret Garden 4.jpg
Secret Garden: This bejewelled edit of home accessories like photo frames, candle stands, nut boxes and decorative boxes is decorated with gold plated insects, flowers, branches and lily of the valley and dotted with rose quartz, lapis and jade.

Like what you see? It’s a one-day-only edit, so check it out before the best pieces get taken. After all, the thrill is in the game ladies!


xoxo, Ridzeepop