Baking one’s cake and eating it too? That’s too old school.

Let me tell you about the time I made my own luxury chocolate, boxed it, took it home, and ate it. And oh, entered it into a recipe book too. 

The Ridzeepop way of life is turning everything into an experience. It’s not about doing it better than everyone else, but different. The idea excite you? So did me As You Like It, a lifestyle experiential curated by Fabelle Exquisite Chocolates.

If you’ve read my previous post on Fabelle, on the same afternoon the team asked me to step behind the counter to actually try my hand at making a chocolate of my own. TBH, I squealed in glee. Charlie Bucket must’ve felt similar, if not the same, at the infamous Chocolate Factory! So I courteously asked in house chocolate maverick Chef Sangorika to lend me her hat and set to work.

For starters, let me tell you how tough was. A notch above ‘Not at all’. (Well, I did manage to mess up one of my ingredients!). Follow the picture story…


Fabelle start
STEP ONE: Choosing the chocolate cup. A simple choice of milk or dark. I’ve always had a sweet spot in my heart for the Fabelle Dark Chocolate Ganache so you’ve guessed my pick!  
 STEP TWO: Choosing a filling from seven to pipe into the cup. I chose caramel to offset the bitterness of dark chocolate. Then, on came a slim layer of dark chocolate, again!
Fabelle Jhar.JPG
STEP THREE: Choosing the topping. “You have put enough sea salt to make an omelette.” Admonished Chef Sagorika. Oh no! I scooped out all but two, as instructed. 
Fabelle Sort.JPG
STEP FOUR: Okay-ing it before baking. This is where I decided to add Cocoa Nibs into the equation. Satisfied, and excited, I handed over my cup to Chef Sagorika to mimic into six identical ones for me and bake to set!
Fabelle Collage.jpg
STEP FIVE: Done, and done! They pack it in a box and you take it home! 

So easy peasy and I was ready to add ‘Master Chocolatier at Fabelle’ to my CV [and most importantly to my Facebook ‘About Me’ section]. I even entered my concoction into their recipe book, lest the sinful combination be lost in oblivion! 😀

Moods for an afternoon doing this are endless. Think a birthday party, some indulgence by oneself or… hey! On those initial few dates? How’s this for an innovative idea? Whatever be it, in my eyes, this situation is a win win! And the pocket pinch? A box of 6 is for Rs 500 and 12 for Rs 1,000.

So go, live it for yourself! It’s on at the boutique in ITC Sonar.

Imma, meanwhile, go bite into my cup – as I like it!

xoxo, Ridzeepop

Pictures: Suvradeep Roy

Fabelle Eat
Psst: TBH, I was a tad worried what I’d created be bad. But all the chocolates finishing as I pen this entry… testimony enough to how awesome it was!