Rakhi gifting for the sister? Easy peasy. Just ask her, and she’ll rattle off a quick narration of options well rehearsed to put a Parsi hotel waiter to shame.
Being of the fairer sex then, let me tell you what I’d want for rakhi. And how you can borrow the idea, surprise your sister and win rakhi. Like a boss!

A perfect coming together of luxury and chocolates, Raksha Bandhan with Fabelle, is a lifestyle experience with the brother curating a box of Fabelle Elements that best match his sister’s personality.
The effort is as simple as hopping over to the Fabelle boutique in ITC Sonar, or logging on to their website, before August 3. Once there, select an Element best suited, create a personalised URL and deliver her a video message along with boxed chocolates on or before Rakhi (August 7).

An experience simply splendid!


For the uninitiated, Fabelle Elements are handcrafted chocolates inspired by the mystical elements of nature – Earth, Air, Water, Wood and Fire.
But as it has been rightly said, what’s in the name? So, a bite of an Element stimulates ones senses to the corresponding direction. Shabaash!

And it’s not that hard to match an Element with your sister’s temperament. Read on to know what you should pick…

Water. For she’s your life saver. Salute her with a filling of dark choco mousse dripping with Acacia nectar and laced with French sea salt, enveloped in a rich dark chocolate shell. Mouth watering!
Air. For if she’s the one who lifts you up, and you feel strong when you are on her shoulder. Like light, aerated mousse embraced by delectable dark chocolate
Earth. She’s nurturing, like Mother Earth. Show her your appreciation with the dark chocolate pod filled with a dark mousse, encrusted with chocolate from the dark side. {Psst: A RidzeePop-Pick!}
Fire. For she’s the sister who warms you up on a cold night. She’ll sink her teeth into a dark chocolate shell filled with a white mousse infused with fiery Ancho chilli and tangy candied mango. 
Wood. Lucky you, to have a sister who’s the pillar you can lean on. Dedicate the chocolate, cinnamon, coffee and mousse that come together for a symphony of the senses. 

So hurry, get to work and give her a taste of the sweet life. You know you’ll be rewarded!

And if you’re a girl reading this post, you’ll know how to nudge the brother in the right direction. I wouldn’t risk giving out the secret now 😉


xoxo, Ridzeepop

Pictures: Suvradeep Roy