“The high price is exactly what will attract them. The Snob Appeal.” 

The house might stand divided on whether luxury could be for all, but for Calcutta boy Yatish Somaiya it’s what defines Le Trove, his spanking new luxury silver gifting brand.
Which is “not an asset, it’s complete lavishness.”

Crystal clear.

“I’m aiming at 150 stores pan India in the next 15 months,” admits Yatish, when I hop over to check out the Quest mall store [on the ground floor, next to Furla]. With gifting, especially wedding gifting, being a big deal for Indians, it would be too soon to term the vision ostentatious. But opening shop in a mall is a nod to the target audience, which for Yatish starts as young as 25. “Youth don’t go for silver because there’s no visibility. They don’t like visiting jewellers. That’s why a place like Quest mall. When you’re in a mall you buy designs not the product.”

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On to the products that base the brand, the debut range is exclusive and varied. From baby gifts to the devotionally oriented, trophies, tableware, tea sets, candle stands… a look at the Le Trove website gives one a fair idea of the creativity on offer.

An in-store tablet better associates one with the catalogue of products offered.

BeFunky Collage1.jpg
Ridzeepop picks from the plethora. [From top left, clockwise) Le Jade Horse Bowl, Le Ganesha of Love, Le Pastel Lingam, Le Blossom of Sakura candle stand.
Why buy Le Trove?

  • They customise. Think changing the size of a particular item or the stone used to complement the silver.
  • Coupling the purity guarantee, “there’s also a 100% exchange” says Yatish [within a time frame and depending on the product condition].
  • A family business legacy in silver gifting stretching seven decades has birthed the brand.
  • Know silver to oxidise too soon? Lacquered show pieces delay if not prevent the act. What’s more, there’s a ‘magic’ cleaning cloth which enhances shine.
  • Highlighting a potential aspirational value, the price points for Le Trove luxury starts as low as Rs. 4,000.

“In a couple of years I see myself as a maverick of gifting,” signs off Yatish.

Will Le Trove be a magnum opus? Only time will tell. Till then, some moments from the launch, hosted by me! ❤

xoxo, Ridzeepop

New Media: Calcutta bloggers in a row!
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Tollywood actress Tonushree Chakraborty, here with Yatish Somaiya, raise a toast to the stores success
An ‘after’ picture of a posy one before picture with Asmita, Joyita and Sinjini. Candid! 
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Pretty blogger faces in a row, all dropped in for a dekko
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With Skannd Tyagi, whose company E Info Solutions built the technology backend that powers Le Trove