Shopping on a whim. Shopping on a fancy.
Shopping rich. Shopping poor.
Or just plain ol’ rushing for that Flat 50% off.

When was the last time you shopped for a charitable cause?

A shopaholic confession: we know a good deal when we see one. And the ideology behind multi-label exhibition Prayas makes it one such. It’s of charity. An annual exhibition- with edition numero 9 coming- sees Lions Club of Calcutta Chetna [an all-woman body] come together to raise funds for causes they hold close to their hearts. Think running a deaf-and-dumb school in Salt Lake, installing water units in Rajarhat and Kumartuli or toilets in Sundarbans.
How? By involving other women via a thing they love doing best- shop.

The current edition will see close to 122 stalls and 132 exhibitors showcasing fashion and lifestyle products. But a common thread that unites the exhibitors from different parts of the country is an emphasis on Women Empowerment. You’re a woman entrepreneur? Prayas welcomes you with open arms.

The ladies, upped their game by roping in bloggers and invited me for an exclusive preview. Over high tea, and yummy puchkas, I not only got a fair idea of the charity bit of it, but also a summary of what to expect at the two-day affair via a select bouquet of exhibitors.

You know what it is! Also, I’m wearing a scarf by G.I. Textiles
Among a sea of costume jewellery stands Arham with real baubles. The label plays with traditional designs. Like Bengali and Rajasthani in this bala.
Aptly named, Sweet Tooth puts on the table home-made eggless confectionary. A personal fave? Their chocolate pan. Yummers!
Being a social butterfly isn’t easy. For all that fluttering around, there’s conceptual & costume jewellery aplenty. Like this pair crafted by Kayra. 
Clothes maketh a woman, and there’s a lot to choose from at Prayas. One for a wedding, another for a day out shopping, a brunch, kitty party or JLT, labels like Saisha, Shree Vastram, Shrishaa Studio, Ameyaa Fashions, Shree Paridhan, The Fashionate and Kyra leave one spoilt for choice. 
Ah, gifts! From devotional to decor, one for the girlfriend or a child. Quirky anniversary gifting? You think it, shop it and take credit when they go wow! (Clockwise from top: Busy Bee, Kaboos, Hastkala and bags by Maheeja and KrimSon)
With Rakhi around the corner, Miraaya Creations (left) has a range of rakhis and loombas. Should a brother be looking for gifts for the sister, consider organic and natural skincare products by Bellissimo Creazione, or some jewellery! 

So put on your fave shopping shoes [c’mon, we’re women! We have a pair of shoes for everything!] and head over to Royal Bengal Room at City Centre 1 this Wednesday and/or Thursday, 11am-8pm.

I’ll be there one of the days, so come say hi if you see me! ❤

Till then, #WerkItGirl!

xoxo, Ridzeepop