Let’s throwback to merry making growing up. A birthday party? Drape streamers, blow up balloons and add a khoi bag. A wedding? Bring in fresh flowers and hang up bright lights. But TBH streamers unfasten easy and flowers… they wilt. Resultant, handiwork down the drains. The need of the hour was something different. Fuss free. Celebrations warranted a makeover.

Version 2.0? Desi Lantern to the rescue.

A bane, erstwhile boon, of uploading pictures on social media? The need to do things differently every damn time. Better than before. Better than thy neighbour. Which puts merry making, like the #OOTD, right on top of the *mustn’t repeat* list.

Desi Lantern plays handyman. With bespoke services for decor and design remaining their mantra, gig after gig. Sunaina Agarwal and Priti Agarwalla- two stunning Calcutta women- tailor each event to taste. Like the travel themed Wanderlust, their recent blogger meet-n-greet. From the invite to the gift bags, everything induced in me a state of… wanderlust.

Moments from the evening…

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Enter. Two smiling girls. One hands me a shot glass, another wounds a denim necklace around my neck. The party is a level up, they tell me. The catch? I must first answer a travel related question attached to the shot glass, the answer of which would lead me to my destination. I get Greece. 
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Up a flight of stairs, air kisses and loud hellos are exchanged and wine flutes raised. But it’s the pièce de résistance that catches ones eye- an 18-seater table, dotted with centrepieces simply marvellous. For the each, collected by Sunaina and Priti on their travels, was reminiscent of the monument that made each destination popular.   
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The table might’ve been set for a meal, but that was for later. First up, a quiz on how people greet each other in foreign languages. I got one right, I forget which, and bagged a prize. Yay!! 
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Brain cells exercised, it was time to shake what my mamma gave me 😀 Notes of music filled the air as a professional dancer waltzed in to the floor. I couldn’t help breaking into a move. Salsa to Bachata and lovely ol’ Bollywood… 1 2 3 4! To the left… and to the right! 
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Aah, hunger invades. Time for the five course meal with nibbles from Mexico, Turkey, Italy, Thailand and France. Bon appetit! 
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Wine made us tipsy, the food content. We laughed, we toasted, pouty selfies and Snapchat stories later, it was time to call it an night. Sunaina and Priti handed each guest a goodbye gift fashioned like… a suitcase! So long, farewell
Auf wiedersehen, goodnight.
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Us bloggers, all smiles here with Priti (sitting, front, extreme right) and Sunaina (standing, third from right). Thank you for having us over. What a pleasure indeed! 

Honestly, it’s not easy. The trick to a successful event lies in the guests feeling pampered. Leaving with content smiles and a stomach full of great food. While half of the credit goes to a good host, event planning take the other share.

Desi Lantern, for me, makes me confident that were I to host an event- be it boo’s birthday or a friend’s baby shower- I’ll have a partner in actuality. A partner who seeks my advice but nudges me to sit back. Relax. Get that blow dry done before the party. And then walk in to slay!

They’re on Facebook. Check ’em out.

Till then, #WerkItGirl!

xoxo, Ridzeepop