With temperatures borderline Dante’s Inferno, I fret at stepping out. For when one is a blogger, one must always be dressed to the nines. An equation I thus swear by? Breathable clothes + comfy sandals + easy jewellery = a happy me (V.V.IMP!).

The ingredients making up the last of which brings to focus the current crop of summer offerings by Calcutta born-and-bred label Crochita.

Birthed circa 2014, mommie Joyita Dey brings her trunk full of fun Crochita jewellery to settings that best describe the brands predominant mood- of making a groovy statement. Think music-and-dance festivals, which was where I first chanced upon the brand. Cut to the current 2017 edit, the easy-peasy vibe continues with all things bang on trend- pom poms, chokers, tassels and an art form that initiated it- crochet. And oh, they now have a fully functional website too!

From Crochita’s new ‘Pom Pom Tales’ edit, the Tiliacieus Earrings and Bracelet are maximal in size yet weigh minimal. #Win
One choker too little, consider layering a couple. Something I noticed it does? Elongate ones neck! #TrueStory. 
Off the lot at Crochita, I worked the Black Net Stretch choker with the white Lily Lace one. Balancing the act remains key. Like doing it monochrome with a particularly colourful number. 














And oh! Jewellery isn’t the only thing one can peruse on the website. Check out the cutest hair accessories, hats, gloves, scarves, mobile accessories and summer-right sunnies. Many of which are handmade and loved.

So while idyllic summer afternoons comprise Netflix or a good book, check out Crochita and give this Calcutta start up a shout out.

Support the community. It’s the only way to forward march!

And, #WerkItGirl

xoxo, Ridzeepop

Pictures: Sneha Hemchander

SNEAK PEEK: Tassel jewellery. Currently in the embryonic stage on Joyita’s drawing board. On the website soon.