Sometimes I wonder how the sari went from every day to just occasion wear. A thought which first weaseled into my conscious mind watching Dilip Kumar’s Devdas. Paro the child prances around with Deva, 99 problems but the sari ain’t one.

But then, wearing the sari everyday fizzled out, the last true generation celebrating it being our grand mothers. Much so that for us millenials, wearing a sari ain’t all that easy. For whenever I do end up wearing a one, very many pins included, I fret of it unravelling.

This heralded a need in me to find alternate ways of wearing the yardage. Like when meeting designer of international repute recently, I cinched my torso with a belt. Resultant? It kept the pallu in place and raked in compliments. #Win.

So when Calcutta-grown label 145 East announced The Jukebox Line– its summer ’17 collection- it was the saris in the edit caught my attention. Never losing the essence of what started the movement for them- the humble gamcha– the design collective revealed over cups of hot coffee an intent to take the game up a notch. Bringing in Calcutta girl Pooja Gupta [Calcutta peeps might know her label Door of Maai] to help at the drawing board and The Jukebox Line was born. An edit that among all things contains FOUR easy to wear saris, including…

The Tango Sari
Essentially a wrap-around skirt, the three-tiered frilly gamcha lining can be draped to resemble the Spanish tango skirt. The dupatta meanwhile plays pallu. 
The Shareholder Sari
feat. photobombing dog
This sari too has a a skirt with a stole doubling as a pallu. The essence lies in the panel down front mimicking pleats. #EasyPeasy
The Bengal Pleated Sari
I read this sari like the Calcutta cityscape. The crisp laal paar reminiscent of the breezy thakur dalans at a Rajbari. The straight lines in the gamcha stole of sky scraping architectural feats.

This laal-paar number is particularly exciting, effortlessly fusing the nostalgia with the now. Remaining rooted, sartorially. And that it doesn’t overlook the gamcha connect makes for genius designing.

This line officially launches this Saturday May 27 over an evening of wine, Beethoven, style and a very charming Leo the Labrador. Am co-hosting the evening, which makes it the first such for me. Excite. Nervous.

So imma get the adrenaline pumping, and give it my best shot.

Till then, #WerkItGirl

xoxo, Ridzeepop

Pictures: Falak Vasa

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