Thinkin’ jewellery for that out-of-town or out-of-country wedding? Or some sparkles for that wine-and-dine by the beach? Ditch all that’s precious (and a hazard at the airport) and reach for destination jewellery instead. 

TBH, I’ve never really travelled out of town for weddings with precious jewellery in tow. However, fam who’d travelled into the city for my shaadi creased their foreheads at the prospect carrying all that jewellery. Moreover, my constant worry- during holidays or when swimming- is my solitaire ring slipping off my finger. Oh! How I fret!

Moments like these warm me up to this new concept of destination jewellery. Think semi-precious stones and metals that look just as good. Hold on though. While the jewellery isn’t really real per se, it works along the concept of replacing the precious with second best. Think ‘first copies’, a terminology borrowed off those designer bag copies.

Which brings into focus Sneha Rateria Fine Jewellery, a Calcutta born label which started out as a hobby for Sneha, the lady behind the designs. “Traveling with real jewellery is harrowing, specially with international customs officers. These pieces can easily be carried off as real, without the hassle of lock and key,” says Sneha. True say sister!

BeFunky Collage.jpg

My vibes remain minimal chic, choosing two ear tops- one ornate and another a basic round. The former [picture 1] takes me to desi dos in style, the latter [picture 3] is better suited for everyday wear. There’s also a green-and-blue pendant [picture 2] that attracts one with its balance of simplicity and ostentatious. To my eye, it looked like a minimised version of something flamboyant. All three are, informs Sneha, “made with pure silver and Swarovski AD stones.”


So as the big fat Indian weddings continue becoming bigger and global, and travels a bi-monthly affair, offload the fuss and opt for easy. Sneha Rateria retails off her website which makes for easier, sit-at-home shopping! So bring out that glass of wine, turn on your style hawk eye and


See you in the inner circle of the bling ring 🙂

xoxo, Ridzeepop

P.S.: The label also works with gold, diamonds and pearls. Get in touch via the website!

Pictures: Suvradeep Roy