Hola fashionistas! The recent break from the blog was spent holidaying in Thailand, and then recovering from it. It goes without saying that I was in shoppers paradise, doing my fair share of splurging. Majority spending? On shirt dresses.
Summertime living is not easy, especially for one whose summer-body-by-the-beach is a bikini top paired with high waist shorts *snigger*. After all, if it’s washboard abs, it’s a food cleanse in order. Resultant, muffin top full of love. Make friends with shirt dresses, in their easy-breezy non-body-hugging glory.
However, while the shirt dress helpfully hides what is to be hidden, leaving it at that would be lazy dressing. The easiest way to break the monotony would be cinching it at the waist with a slim belt. However, consider a scarf twisted and then tied on the collar like a pussy bow. Casts two targets with one stone. You have your on-trend shirt dress, and a pussy bow neckline to top it up.
However, one thing I noticed [which mighhhhtttt be a hindrance, curvy sisters] was said shirt dresses do nothing to my height. Bring comfy heels into play then, pairing ’em with socks for that touch of sartorial quirk.
Of the very many shirt dresses I picked, one particular fave is the one I’ve shot in. Reasons? Gingham x Denim. Simple enough.



Monochrome-d the last image in the series, all the better for a close up analysis of the twisted scarf-pussy bow. Meanwhile, in retrospect ideas stream into my head as I write this post. I’ll be wearing my shirt dresses with badges, pinned up randomly on the sleeves. I could also layer it over a bralette and let one shoulder slip off, or… ho-hum… wear the shirt dress like… a shirt! [Einstein vibes with that one last hahah, but I’m thinking a pair of man-trousers and that shirt dress. Excite!]

I’ll go try out my own suggestions. Do tell me on Instagram @ridzeepop if you did too!


xoxo, Ridzeepop

#RidzeepopFashionKnews: Did you know, the friendly forgiving fit shirt dresses have an oh-so-fancy past. The house of Christian Dior celebrated the shirtdress in their post-WWII 1950s ‘New Look’ couture designs. Ooh-la-la