I’m on Instagram all the time, following a bunch of celebs and fashion houses, all of who point me to trend numero uno- tees with words that spell out a message. Loud-‘n’-clear. 

So, doing something a smart girl would do, I got myself one.

I picked this red body-suit, with ‘SQUAD’ plastered on it, off koovs.com. A word that resonates our life and times. [And oh, I must add bodysuits are a bae! Not only do they not crease up, with suitable inners one can wear it to the beach too! #Win]



See, the thing is, tees with words and messages plastered on ’em aren’t a bolt out of the blue. I remember growing up, I’d pester mom to get me an SRC tee from Westside. Not only were they cheap at Rs 199, they also had some hilariously cool messages printed on them. Sample this…

24754_410637185389_3477532_nCirca 2010, it reads *ahem* I’m hot and you know it.

Of late, fashion labels like Dior, Prabal Gurung, and even homies Payal Pratap and Gaurav Gupta are doing plain white tees with pro-feminist messages plastered on ’em. [“Yes. We should all be feminists but someone please pay me Rs. 50,000 to buy this slogan t shirt”  captioned a friend on Facebook, under a picture of a Dior We Should All Be Feminists tee].

Fem(L-R) Anushka Sharma in Dior, Bella Hadid in Prabal Gurung, Prabal Gurung sporting a message from his #PGTshirtseries, Sonakshi Sinha in Payal Pratap, Alia Bhatt in Gaurav Gupta

For fashion designer Priyanka Khanna, who lives in her oversized T-shirts, “Graphic Tees,  logo Tees,  have never been out of play.  Janice Joplin wore them and Madonna wore them. With the women  empowerment age and raging feminism streaks all over,  designers have taken this trend onto the runways worldwide.” Her one trick to do it differently, dear readers? “Tweak it with sheer layering and florals!”

With these tees being a tad unaffordable for the girl on a budget, make do with regular typography. Like I have. It’s only words :).


Go out in the sun. Wear Your Opinion. #WerkItGirl

xoxo, Ridzeepop