A brunch at an iconic five star hotel promising to fill me up good, provide plenty of good lighting for Instagram worthy pictures and didn’t burn a hole in my pocket?

Upon hearing this was precisely what ThreeSixtyThree at The Oberoi Grand offered, I put on a skirt [waist-loving brunch BFFs] and hop-skip-and-jumped (read: drove over Calcutta streets) to indulge in the Lunch Hour For Hours buffet spread at the Chowringhee address.


ThreeSixtyThree [numero tres in line of fine-dining restaurants by the property after ThreeSixty at Delhi and ThreeSixtyOne at Gurgaon] opened doors recently in place of the erstwhile La Terrasse. The décor is exemplary, oh-so-Calcutta in merging the modern with the traditional.

Natural lighting streams into the restaurant, the new look designed by Delhi based design studio Architecture Discipline, through a skylight and bathes the red semi-circle sofas, the framed artworks on the walls and the oak wood floors in flattering light. Opportune for pictures that are an #InstantWin [hey, a girl’s gotta do what she’s gotta do!]

The buffet, laid out from Monday to Saturday (12.30pm to 3pm) is priced at Rs 1,450-plus, isn’t pocket-denting, considering one is, after all, dining in style at a place seeping with elegance.

Executive chef Saurav Banerjee first points to the salad counter, where an oval table top displays a plethora of salads [often close to 40 different types!].”We’ve laid a lot of emphasis on salads. More and more people are eating them, no matter how tempting a chicken or lamb curry is,” opines chef.

For the next course, a bee-line to the open-oven pizza counter was in order [but of course!]. Out came fresh Margherita bliss (above left).

Indian cuisine options aplenty, think Rajma Shammi Kebab (below left) and the Kadhai Sabzi (below right) aside, European inclusions- like the Pumpkin And Sage Tortellini (below center) tempt the hungry. However, with Japanese specialty chef Raul Borja manning the live counter, chopstick-balanced bites of Sushi and Sashimi (above left) were in order.

For me, the signature of a gastronomic trip well traveled is destination dessert. The spread here includes classic Bengal faves like the rajbhog and the chum chum, sitting effortlessly with the finest Belgian single origin chocolate preparations.


Brunchin’ done, my girl friends and I head over to the poolside. Resisting an urge to take a quick dip [anyhoo reserved exclusively for live-in guests] in the pristine blue pool, we consoled ourselves with posing for some bloody good looking pictures on the grassy patches.

chocProof of a good meal is in the puddin’, and in that smile! 🙂

So bring out those designer bags, put on your best shoes, perch those sunglasses atop your mane and, dressed to impress, sashay into ThreeSixtyThree for that all-girl brunch a la Sex And The City. You know you can #WerkItGirl

xoxo, Ridzeepop

Psst: Chef Saurav shares tricks to work up an appetite to get your money’s worth from a buffet spread…

  • “Don’t ‘must have’ just because it’s a buffet. Put enough on a plate that once finished, you yearn for more.”
  • “We eat with our eyes and, falling prey to the fact, fill our plates. Take your pick. Else you’d feel obliged to not waste it.”
  • “Tasting too many flavours also takes away from your palate so pick and choose wisely. If you’re having salads, choose a vinaigrette or lemon-based dressing over mayonnaise. It also helps cleanse your palate for the next course. Polish off a heavier course with bread. It’s a neutral thing. Move on to the desserts.”