There’s not a single reason why I love wearing skirts. There are three. 

1) They’re hot-and-humid summer afternoon BFFs, letting bodies breathe easy in super comfy glory.

2) They’re colourful, have prints, appliqué, dyes, embroidery…

3) There are skirty silhouettes aplenty. Modest dressing? Long skirts. Twirl around in pleated flared midis, or tag yourself the Diva of the Disco in a short-and-sexy number.

Wearing: 145 East gamcha skirt #SustainableFashion

Moreover, being a gym rat ain’t easy. And playing with skirt lengths can help manipulate the eye, creating subtle effects of different body types.*Drum roll* A #RidzeepopPreachList on how…

~ A figure hugging pencil skirt seemingly lifts up your butt. One with a peplum flare adds shape.

~ Personally, when I turn my curvy attack on, it’s in a long skinny skirt with side slits, like in this throwback image.


~ Got a case of the beer/cheesy belly? High waisted flared skirts mask the middle.

~ Skirts can even make you look taller. Simply create an optical illusion with an asymmetric hemline, paired with elevated shoes that cover your foot, especially the front. Like boots.

~ Alternatively, the shorter you are, try slimmer skirts.

{Disclaimer, this what I think, doling out my two pice bits! LOL.}

Wearing: MAX Floral Print Buttoned Skirt under one of my many black tops. #ColourJuxtaposition.

Coming to the DO’S AND DON’Ts OF WEARING SKIRTS, do… whatever you want to! Because fashion fodder for me mightn’t be your cuppa tea. After all, tall or short, thin or thick, you know your style preferences best.

However, the key lies in subtlety. Don’t go overboard with styling. Make what meets the eye smoke. Not shock.

And don’t wear a style you aren’t comfortable in. EVER. Those mini skirts don’t flatter you, but are bang on-trend ATM? Or midi skirts make you look stocky, but the fashion moguls predict rushing ’em into your wardrobe? Turn predictions a blind eye and wear only what you’re comfortable in because that discomfort shows is a universal fact.

IMG_7009.jpgAnother throwback, this one showing how asymmetric hemlines and closed shoes add height

So, off you go. Twirl around, strut that stuff.

Just #WerkItGirl

xoxo, Ridzeepop

Psst: Humidity = Thigh chafing. Invest in travel size talcum powder case for the bag. Keep it on you, always!