Summer whites.
They do nothing for me.
What must one do, then?


It’s getting hot! And there being only that many clothes one can take off during the summers- contrary to the very many one can put on when the chill hits- India balances the game by going bereft of colour. Shades of cool white and pastels strut in to demand a place on fashion runways, shopping racks and overflowing closets.

But what must a girl like me, who lives in 50 shades of black do?
Well… continue wearing black. Or mix-n-match it with vibrant hues of colour.

For, white does nothing for me. 😦

Which is why, when I recently set out in this chequered midi-frock, I tried making friends with the shade by doing what I did with a flattering black- play it up with colours.

I started small. Painting my puckers a dash of magenta, and blending some pink eyeshadow on my lids (Regrets, no pictures of said lids due to this being an impromptu photoshoot). I threw on Chloe reflector sunnies tinted pink+yellow.

Sticking to a need for pop-up colours, a Bobo Calcutta sling played shoulder candy. The interlocked lips, blushed cheeks, and… is that a hibiscus tucked behind her ear?… Vermillion.

And you must’ve met my churas! My #OOTD fixation for a while now.


The shoes I have on are a hand-painted cloth pair in black with beige flowers (toldja!). Said pair was picked out of the shoe closet by the husband, reinstating my belief that the lad is training himself well in style!


Must caution you though.
While this post tells one to mix colours into the summer-whites #OOTD equation, stick to a maximum of two shades- the closer on the colour wheel the better.  Remember, tis the season (and the reason for this post) to show off white.

Having being said, there’s still miles to go, and a whole lot of summer days left, till whites and pastels make a community for themselves in my wardrobe.

Till then, #WerkItGirl!

xoxo, Ridzeepop