What are a pair of leggings, but not a pair of drainpipe like skinny jeans
– The curvy Ridzeepop (oh my!)

I remember my teens, and the better part of my 20s, were dominated by a pair of reed thin legs and a whole lot of missing arse. Now, thanks to a job that entailed being sat on a chair coupled with a generous sprinkling of food assignments, I am now the proud showoffer [word invent alert!] of legs-and-arse that would get the nod of approval from Venus herself- and my mom.

Which makes wearing leggings an affair that’s happier- and more please to the eye- for me. Leggings- a leg loving stretch of fabric that’s predicted to go BIG this spring/summer.

Recently, Koovs.com, a shopping site that totes understands my fashion game launched an athleisure fab collab with Masaba Gupta. A quick perusal at launch hour had me cart the Swim Girl Cropped Leggings. [Frankly I ordered it just because it was affordable Masaba G. But lo! When it arrived in the mail today (exactly 2 days since I ordered it, got to love Koovs) I loved the feel. Polyester but with a lot of love.]

Lounging around home on a lazy Sunday afternoon, comfort marks importance. However, being a new bride, shorts are out *shrugs*, one can’t leg-up chill in a skirt and pyjamas are for bed so I slipped on these leggings.


Breathable, comfortable, livable. Here’s why leggings are numero uno chill for me… #FactOfLife

  • They aren’t stuffy like a pair of skinny jeans, and yet look figure sculpting like said pair. Worried about the camel toe? Slip on a longer tee!
  • Dress ’em up, dress ’em down. Not only companions to the gym, one can wear them to the office too. Just throw on a solid coloured shirt or blazer on top, opting for a black pair of leggings if your workplace is a stickler for dress-code rules.
  • Pack ’em up for those holidays. Bulkier denims versus slinky legging. You be the judge. Plus, those boots and high tops slip on easier over leggings.
  • They don’t cost a bomb. Yay! However, do spend on better leggings. Cheaper polyester is itchy!
  • And oh! oh! Fit into todays world of fitness freaks wearing a pair. Where your mind knows the truth but the visual says *just been on the yoga mat/at the gym*. Places you right there with the Fitbit wrapped wrists.


So, that’s that. Imma go off and order myself a couple more off Koovs and the world wide web.

Meanwhile, I fret over the lack of Pokestops in the city. K & I are out of Poke, Great and Ultra balls. The city needs an upgrade in this aspect too! *Sigh*


If you want to purchase the MASABA X KOOVS Swim Girl Cropped Leggings, click!

More picture from this self-shot on an iPhone 6s series, sat on a window sill, on my Instagram @ridzeepop over the next couple of days. Do drop in, follow, and praise my photography skills.

Till then, #WerkItGirl!

xoxo Ridzeepop