Life brings about a series of changes. Growth is not only a climb uphill. Sometimes you grow when you fall down. (Such a gyaani I am!)

But there’s no harm in looking dope when flying. And slaying when you’re down the dumps.

A novice when I first started off with fashion journalism for The Telegraph-t2, three years in the business taught me ONE basic trick of the trade…


Pictures work wonders. And with an attention span of a couple of seconds, words are, only just words.

So as I start off with something new, my ONE true desire is TO STICK ON.

The lazy scoundrel that I am.

Follow me for fashion updates (obvssss!), styling tips, #WhatIWore and my love for all things that generically involve blowing up money in swanky malls and planning holidays around shopping trips.

For my watch has just begun!

*insert cool as off sign off message here*

Rii Kay

PS: Here are some good lookin’ photos of myself, curated off my Facebook of course!

PPS: The fashion commentary starts soon!

Nonchalantly looking away from the camera, pretending I didn’t see!
Looking away again…
Damn, I need to look AT the camera for once!